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The truth is it - I got bit from the spring cleaning bug. It always starts off with the little stuff, dusting the baseboards and reorganizing the attic, the thing you can do without your back complaining about this. The thing is that it always escalates, in it bursts out into some kind of madness ("let's add a sun room!"). Which is generate an income wound up with an even more gallons than I can count of antique ivory paint.

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House painting is rarely something which appeals to me when I'm pretty much sane, however must admit that it is really grown on me. We've only finished one for reds so far, but that side is undoubtedly a candidate in my new favorite side of the home. The modern paint isn't so distinctive from the first shade, but the finish breathes a whole new life in the outside appearance of the property. Oahu is the perfect aspect to ring within the liveliness of spring.

I have a great couple weeks of smocks and giant foam rollers left, but I'm excited. I am unable to wait to find out how this project will come out, and I promise everyone that I'll post pictures after i obtain the paint drips our of my hair.

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